Brazilian researcher will create the first cultivated meat in the country

Researcher Bibiana Matte, from Núcleo Vitro, is developing the first cultivated meat in the country. The first round of cellular agriculture will involve an investment of R$ 200,000, out of a total of R$ 5 million made available in a public notice by Fapergs (Fundação de Amparo to the Survey of the State of Rio Grande do Sul).
Matheus Saueressig, responsible for communication at Núcleo Vitro, explains that cellular agriculture is the idea of achieving the same product we currently consume without the same environmental, social and ethical impact.
Furthermore, cellular agriculture can also contribute to global food shortages. It is worth remembering that the World Economic Forum recently brought the agenda on food shortages for next year and the next.

The aim is to produce the product on a scale and thus make it more accessible to consumers.

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